Model Ship Repair and Refurbishment services

Model Ship Repair service

As with their full size couterparts model ships can require the same sort of professional attention that real vessels receive during their working lives. Accidents happen from time to time and models can be damaged in transit to shows around the world or for example when your company moves premises. We provide free quotes for insurance claims for accidental damage to model boats and all our repair work is carried out to the same exacting standards of durability and finish that all our modelmaking work is known for.

Model Ship Refurbishment and Refitting service

Model ships should be as close a representation of real vessels as possible. But scale models can be finished some time before a vessel enters service and sometimes before the ships' end design is finalised. A vessel might be refitted with additional equipment, modified to fulfill different roles or simply repainted as an owners corporate identity changes.

If it is important to you that your models accurately reflect the in service configuration of a vessel we offer a model ship refit service. With modifications, additional parts and refinishing we can bring your model completely up to date so it accurately represents your ship as it is in service today, enhancing its effectiveness as a promotional tool and maximising the investment you originally placed in your model.

If you have any enquiries about our model boat refit or repair services please contact us for a Free Model Repair Quote

Model case and base replacement

We also offer a case replacement service, perhaps over the years your company has had models made by different companies and the bases don't match or have become damaged. Flag Model Making construct high quality hardwood bases in the UK to your specification.

Replacement model base Replacement model base Replacement model base

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